Our Business

Specialized manpower supply

One of our core services is Manpower Recruitment for more than 24 years now. This humble beginning started in 1989 to answer the growing need for Filipino, Indian, Nepalese, Sri Lankan and other professionals in diversefield of Engineering, Procurement, construction, Electromechanical, Fabrication, Instrumentation, Administration, Support system and other Skilled, Management and Administrative requirements across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Gulf Cooperation Council. Our knowledge and expertise in the search, recruitment and placement of qualified candidates inspired us to form Three (3) Divisions to further give our clients outmost assistance.

These are :

  • Mechanical Division
  • Electrical Division
  • Civil Structural
about story

We are proud that we are able to provide to our valued clients the highly qualified personnel for the right job at a competitive time. We are committed in major industry players in Saudi Arabia that is why our exploration in Specialized Manpower Services challenged us to become more innovative and proactive in manpower sector. One of our competitive advantages is we directly visit country to meet, search and select the right candidates for the right position through the systematic assistance of our caliber local partner manpower services in different countries.

Our wide range experience in manpower services and our proactive interaction with our valued industry and potential partner pump-prime us more in the challenge of current globalization. We do not compromise the hiring of the people as we are helping our clients match their staffing requirements with our experienced employees in the most effective ways. We are doing our best to understand our client’s culture, working environment, strategic plans, and objectives. We believe and understand our employees’ and client’s goals, visions, motivation and accountability. That is why we are working with common passion and confident we can always provide all our clients with the unparalleled Specialized Manpower Services.