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Al Suroor United Group (ASUG ®)

Al Suroor United Group (ASUG ®) - it is the main company brand

A Leading Engineering Procurement Construction Group (EPC) Specialized in Services & Facility Management, Specialized Manpower Supply, Equipment Rentals, Civil Structural, Mechanical & Piping Works, Electrical, Instrumentation & Process Control, Telecommunication, Trading & Global Outsourcing, Services to Petrochemical, Oil and Gas Industries, and associated Services to other Industrial Sectors.

Since June 5, 1989, ASUG ® has served an impressive array of clients in diverse field of operations. We are responsible for the implementation of many successful projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in addition to the Engineering Procurement Construction Services It diversified into other fields with a stream of subsidiaries contributing in the services to pioneer and lead the future.

about story
  • We aim to be a premier EPC Company (with Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Capability)and “Be Ahead” of expectations of all its Clients, Customers & Partners. To deliver Professional andTechnical Manpower Services and Total Quality Facility Management.
  • We envision our company as a general contractor firmly committed to developing, maintaining andimproving in-house expertise and capability in design, engineering,contracting, fabrication anderection of various types of projects.
  • We intend to be reliable, trustworthy and valuable partner to our clients, both during the projectconstruction stage and afterwards. Thus, we intend to build a lasting and mutually advantageousbusiness relationship with them.
  • To be a reputed Commercial Establishment trusted by Customers and Industries, for providingAdvanced Technical Products and Cost Saving Solutions.
  • To provide customers with High Quality Products and Services, that increases their profits.
  • To be the leading manufacturer and distributor of chemicals products and industrial services in localand international business arena.
  • To become a first-class organization recognized for excellence in chemicals and industrial technologyprovider.
  • To provide our customers with disposal suggestions of our products to reduce the environmental pollution.
  • To Increase our profits through Customer Retention and customer acquisition, Efficiency improvementand Cost reduction.
  • To build lasting customer relationships and become the equipment rental company of choice in everymarket we serve.
  • To be revered as a leader in Engineering Procurement Construction. Providing efficient and quality execution of Projects in a high degree of customers’ confidence. Anchored in providing services, conformity and in development of human resources in tune with Globalization and Economic Returns.
  • We are committed in our social responsibility for the compliance with the National Development and with the rule of law.
  • To practice and deliver total satisfaction by providing value-added service, meeting customer deadline with speed and quality. To attend with the customer requirements with a passion to serve and to accept with humility every challenge and improvement.
  • To play a significant role in local and international markets with prudent market design to promote amiable and honest competition.