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Al Suroor Equipment Rental

Al Suroor Equipment Rental is a new diverse line of equipment systems solutions of the group from machinery rental, tool, spare parts, to specialized divisions such as industrial plant services, elevating work platform, valves, nuckel crane, pump solutions, ladder lift truck, multi-one mini loader machines with more than 100 attachments for multi-function need and Self-Propelled Boom lift.

We provide the following services to our customer :

  • Equipment Rental with Qualified and Experienced Operators;
    We provide different industrial and construction equipments depending on your requirements with qualified operators in short period up long term basis.
  • Complete Equipment Range
    We can provide complete equipment for the entire project duration for various equipment and their rental needs.
  • Planning & Recommendation
    Our team can provide complete A-Z study, with full plan and detailed equipments, accessories and other requirements and support with compliance to standard specifications.
  • On-site surveys
    Our engineers are here to assess your requirement by doing the on-site visit by way of detailed study for realization of the project. We diversified and created three (3) divisions to serve more our clients depending on their need.
  • Equipment Rental Services Division - Provides equipment rental services.
  • Heavy Lift Division - Provides Medium to Heavy lifts and transportation services
  • Maintenance Division - Provides integrated maintenance, repair, overhauling, estimation and logistics services.
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