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Beams ®

BEAMS ® – is a Saudi Arabian brand of electric products exclusively distributed by Al Suroor United Group in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and in the Middle East.

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Products and Services:


1.LED A3 9W 3000K E27, 220-240V (WW2001)

2.LED A3 12W 3000K E27, 220-240V (WW2002)

3.LED A3 15W 3000K E27, 220-240V (WW2003)


1.LED A3 9W 6500K E27, 220-240V (DL1001)

2.LED A3 12W 6500K E27, 220-240V (DL1002)

3.LED A3 12W 6500K E27, 220-240V (DL1003)


Other Products:


  1. Solar Panel BEAMS ® Solar can offer customer special panel, like flexible solar panel for car, boat and transparent panel for BIPV.
  2. Solar PV Inverters BEAMS ® Solar PV inverters cover a comprehensive output range for PV systems ranging from a single family house to huge solar parks with output in the megawatt range
  3. Solar Mounting System BEAMS ® Solar is proud to offer the best mounting and tracker solutions on the market which is adaptable, durable, easy installation.
  4. Solar Power System BEAMS ® Solar stocks and delivers complete solar and backup power systems for homes, businesses, boats and RVs, remote telecommunications, and unique applications.
  5. Solar Lightings BEAMS ® Solar design and produce solar street light/hybrid street light/intelligent light which come complete with a self-contained solar power and it's energy-saving, and environment-friendly are based on Photovoltaic and LED technologies.
  6. Solar Home Kit BEAMS ® Solar design and manufacture different solar household appliances with safety and power saving, providing your family a comfortable and eco-friendly environment.
  7. Solar Battery BEAMS ® Lithium Batteries are made in the USA. They have a 10 year, or 10,000 cycle warranty. The batteries are capable of handling heavy loads, up to a C/2 charge and C/1 discharge. C/2 means the current coming from the charging source (charge controller) is half the amp hour rating. For example, the 50Ah batteries can support a charge up to 25.6A, and can handle a load up to 60A! This would drain the battery to 100% Depth of Discharge (DoD) in one hour, and could be recharged to 100% State of Charge (SoC) in 2 hours. Don’t try that with most deep cycle batteries. You’d turn a perfectly good lead acid battery into a boat anchor in no time at all.
  8. Solar PV Accessories BEAMS ® Solar range of Solar PV accessories are designed to help you deal with a wide variety of different scenarios you may encounter during Solar PV testing.

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