The House Of Royal Mint

THE HOUSE OF ROYAL MINT was built under the legacy of craftsmanship and artistry of minting quality medallion, medals and seals, corporate souvenirs and other collectible wins made from gold.


THE HOUSE OF ROYAL MINT offers several services to business, local and foreign governments, and other sectors. Our ability to analyze gold accurately along with our expertise and spirit of artistry makes our products and services excellent.

Our expert team of professional and scientific personnel is at the heart of our achievement. We aim our vision with rigorous methodologies to be one of the best mints in the world. Innovation is our passion to meet the customer's choice, demands to protect and preserve our integrity and reputation. We are equipped with reputable technology. The production is guaranteed by the in-house manufacturing of all change tooling and dies; refine and quality management is further enhanced and developed by the tough enforcement of standards and procedures that are in accordance with strict policies of the company.

As an organizational subject, product quality looms, wherein all employed personnel at the mint shares responsibility. Finish products undergone tough quality monitoring imposed similar standards on tooling used for fabrication, supplies, and materials. The approach is enhanced by significant investment automated technology to meet its excellence.

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