Commercial Division

Food And Beverages Products

Offers an extensive portfolio of brands. Customer tastes and expectations have been finely segmented to deliver authentic flavor that go well with a variety of popular cuisines.

Our Market Distribution System Rice Business Distribution Network

Food Joints & Institutions
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Caterers
  • Institutions
Hyper Trade
  • National Chains of Malls(eg. Carrefour, Panda, LuLu, etc.)
  • Local chains
  • Appointed agencies, own stores
General Trade
  • Traditional Shops / Baqqala’s
  • Wholesalers
  • Trading Companies
  • Authorized Distribution Agents
Brand Offering
  • Basmati Rice
  • Non Basmati Rice
Advantages of Basmati Rice
  • The finest grains of pure traditional Basmati.
  • Grains that have been matured for 18 months.
  • Doubles in size when cooked
  • Rich in taste, with a tantalizing aroma.
  • Ideally recommended for white rice preparations
  • The cooked rice has a very pleasing texture
  • Perfect combination of fragrance and flavor.
  • Ideal for home-made biryanis and pilafs.
Advantages of Non-Basmati Rice
  • Everyday cooking rice.
  • Subtle flavor.
  • Good cooked rice texture.
  • Recommended for Chinese dishes including veg fried rice
  • blends very well with continental rice cuisines.
  • Moderate aroma
  • Slightly sticky in nature.
  • Recommended for sticky rice preparations including sushi, Indian deserts and puddings.

To identify best quality and economical food and beverage products in bringing to the Kingdom.