Press Releases

OKS On The Road

20 Jan

IN PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE, Al Suroor United Group had launched “OKS on the Road” on May 8, 2009. This is part of the group expansion to cover the whole region and major cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Gulf countries. Major cities and provinces in the Kingdom include Western Province (Jeddah), Central Province (Riyadh City) and the Eastern Province (Al Khobar) where the main office is located.

OKS is a specialty lubricants, maintenance products and corrosion protection made in Germany. The tribological know-how ensures that machines and equipment operate efficiently even under the most demanding circumstances at all times. It has different varieties of highly specialized lubricants. The group guideline is in line with our business partner OKS Spezialschmierstoffe GmbH operated in Munich Germany where the group is the official and exclusive distributor of the entire product lines in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Gulf Cooperation Council.

Development, production and distribution of modern high-performance products for the reduction of friction wear and corrosion, and thus repair and maintenance coasts in all the fields of technology where the limits of classic products are exceeded is OKS guideline for its valued customers.

OKS will be delivered in the most convenient and at the right time. This is our way in delivering total satisfaction to our clients. Soon, the Group will be covering the whole Gulf regions for its wider expansion. More OKS delivery vans and service pickups on the road will come. For more information about OKS products and other services, please click the link