Words from the President

President's Message

Every Group has the vision to become the largest, most-respected, and admired in the field of its respective Business Industry and it is a lifetime achievement from endless hard work, dedication, patience, fortitude, and perseverance for every President & CEO of a company to make this dream into reality.

Since 05 June 1989 ASUG, a business industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was the most challenging yet significant part of my life as a businessman, founder, and incumbent President & Chief Executive Officer of the Group.

Guided and equipped by a highly competent and well-experienced team of personnel, Al Suroor Corporation began its role in the business as Services Provider of Technical Manpower, Operation, and Maintenance in the region. The business progressively grew and engendered the other businesses upon its penetration in the field of General Construction, Maintenance Civil, Electromechanical, Steel Fabrication, and Instrumentation. Perhaps one of the most significant parts of the Group’s success can be attributed to its partnership over the years with Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) and Saudi Aramco (ARAMCO), two (2) of the biggest and leaders in the field of oil and gas and petrochemicals in the world. SABIC, ARAMCO, and other leading partner industries would prove our integrity and commitment to giving total quality service to our valued clients. More so, our Group has shared its vision to foreign and multinational companies in Europe, United States, Australia, and Asia as Joint Venture Partners in different areas, operations, and also in manufacturing products in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. These achievements would challenge us more to become more proactive and innovative in all the challenges and decisions we make. And behind all these achievements is because of one Group, a team of the hardworking, dedicated and highly professional workforce which I consider as the backbone of the Group.

Our Group is committed to giving reputable and extensive experience in General Contracting, Services & Facility Management, Civil Structural, Mechanical & Piping Works, Electrical & Instrumentation & Process Control, Telecommunication, Manpower & Equipment Supply, Local and International Trading & Global Outsourcing. The Group is consistent in providing infrastructure and industrial demands in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

Today, the Al Suroor United Group has expanded its business wings and grew in diverse fields and different subsidiaries, these include; Al Suroor United Group USA, Al Suroor United Group Kuwait, Al Suroor United Group Cairo, Al Suroor United Group Investment & Real Estate Development, Arab Voice Ltd. Cairo, General Power Ltd., Kingdom Ports, House of Royal Mint Inc., Kingdom Events Inc., Kingdom of Al Suroor Arabia Inc., Saudi Time Share Inc., Saudi Adhesive Ltd., The Heritage Village Inc., ECS Inc. The Millionaire Inc. This is part of our vision to become one of the largest conglomerates in the region.

Through the years, Al Suroor United Group is continuously striving its best to become a more dynamic, service-oriented, highly motivated, and proactive firm and giving all its best to service clients to become consistent in our vision as one of the largest conglomerates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This legacy will remain in the mind of every member of the Group far beyond its continuous development and expansion in service for the different partner industries and of the people worldwide.

Our group is welcoming international companies in a joint ventures for exclusive Distributor/Agent in outsourcing and manufacturing.

Sheikh. Ali Bin Saeed Al Suroor

Our group is welcoming international companies in joint venture for exclusive Distributor/Agent in outsourcing and manufacturing.