Commercial Division

Electrical, Lighting, Solar Energy & CCTV System

Due to Al Suroor United Group's expanding business in the industrial market, especially with the recently awarded project for the Electro-Mechanical works with SABIC R & T worth SR20M, ASUG Electrical, Lighting, Solar Energy & CCTV System expected to fill up the growing demand in the local industry.


Design Services
  • Investigation of design constrain
  • Preparation of preliminary studies, diagrams and schemes
  • Coordinate with related electrical, instrumentaion & process control services
  • Development of electrical, instrumentation & process control calculation
  • Equipment and utility sizing
  • Preparation of plans and specification
  • Computer aided design and drafting

Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG) - A device that extract water (Potable Water) from ambient humid Air

Wires and Cables

  • Investigation of design constrain
  • Preparation of preliminary studies, diagrams and schemes
  • Coordinate with related electrical, instrumentaion & process control services

Electrical Products (Architectural Type)

  • Switches
  • Sockets
  • Metal Junction Box- Galvanized Iron
  • Junction Box for Concrete -Galvanized Iron

Lighting Products

  • LED Bulb Lightings
  • Street Lights
  • Smart Post Lights
  • Garden Lightings
  • Strip Lights
  • Highway/Roads, & Bridges Lights


Audit Conduct site audit to determine lighting requirements, existing power consumption and opportunities for energy savings. Provide a cost benefit analysis detailing expected energy and financial savings and lighting recommendations - Design - Undertake a lighting design using client input data (on request) - Deliver -Project manage the supply & installation including full documentation & reports required to claim Energy Savings Certificates. (selected areas in NSW only). Referral to pre-qualified installers in other areas. Product supply through the electrical wholesaler network. - Support - Deliver specification training for electrical contractors, wholesalers and lighting specifiers. Provide ongoing technical support for end customers re light testing and maintenance.

Cont. for Range of Services for SOLAR Energy

Supports customers over the phone so that issues relating to single and three-phase solar inverters for photovoltaic plants can be resolved remotely. - Handles spare parts for changing out the individual inverter components and organizes the related logistics - Trains our customers’ on-site technical personnel

With a storage system, you can benefit from solar power even when the sun isn’t shining.

Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) Systems

Great range of security & closed circuit TV expandable all-in-one systems. Choose the number of channels and cameras you require and the picture definition and storage capacity for your particular set up, be that domestic or industrial, indoor or weatherproof, day or night time surveillance. High definition cameras provide clear detailed imagery, and you can monitor your system via smartphone or tablet, so you have peace of mind where-ever you are.

Different Types of CCTV

  • Dome Camera
  • Bullet Camera
  • C-mount Camera
  • Day/Night Camera
  • PTZ Camera


Services a wide range of hard ware support. - Provided a team of experienced and highly skilled requirements. - Al Suroor recognizes the importance of working with technology partners and its customer in true collaboration, to help innovate, develop and fi`ne-tune the best solutions. - Security Design which optimize the coverage and effectiveness of the surveillance system taking into consideration the operational requirements and ambient lighting conditions. - CCTV Recording equipment and Cameras by providing an extensive range of CCTV Recording equipment from Analog to the latest Internet CCTV Surveillance system. - Maintenance Service by providing a Technical Support Team to support and service any technical problem round-the-clock, providing our customer a peace of mind and minimize downtime for their security system.