All of our operating segments have formal quality processes in place to ensure that we systematically and proactively manage all phases of our work and that we focus our efforts on problem prevention rather than problem detection. We ensure that adequate processes are in place for service delivery, product development, and project monitoring and that processes for management, measurement, analysis, and continuous improvement are effectively implemented and controlled. We are committed to providing our customers with high quality service and support. Several of our segments, including our Headquarters, are registered for the following ISO\'s: ISO 9001:2015(QMS) and ISO 18001:2007(OHSAS).

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Quality First


We support a corporate philosophy that demands total workforce involvement in the policy of “Safety First.” We require every employee to work prudently; recognize, report, and attempt to correct any potentially unsafe conditions; and participate in finding ways to reduce and mitigate safety risks. Our corporate safety principle, embedded in our core values, states: “Safe work habits are a condition of employment. Our employees are entitled to a safe working environment; individually and collectively, we are responsible for our own safety and that of our fellow workers. We will design all of our projects to assure safe operation.”

We have developed particular expertise in risk management and system safety practices - with specific focus on rigorous methods for ensuring discovery of potential hazards before they induce harm, thorough assessments of risks posed by those hazards, and effective mitigations of risks. We not only leverage this expertise into our delivery of engineering services, but we also make available the courseware, tools, and experts to support our customers’ own safety programs and initiatives.

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Safety First