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ASUG Celebrating Two Decades Of Excellence

20 Jan
20 Jan 2020
Al Khobar

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In pursuit of excellence- Al Suroor United Group celebrates its two decades of excellence as one of the largest conglomerates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and in pioneering the future. Run by the founder and incumbent President & CEO Sheikh Ali Bin Saeed Al Suroor, the group is now celebrating the fruits of its success in this long years of dedication, hard work, fortitude, commitment and trust to its service clients and to the community. Looking back its history in mid ‘80s, Al Suroor Corporation began its role in Ras Tanurah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as family business company specialized in operation and maintenance. With an estimated twenty 20 pioneered employees, the group became active to penetrate local and international market.

Today, with an almost 500 employees and eighteen subsidiaries from different lines of expertise and services namely; Al Suroor Inspection & Quality Assurance, ASUG-Investment and Real Estate Development, Engineering Communication System, General Power Holdings Inc., Environment Protection System, Saudi Al Suroor Digital Technology, House of Royal Mint, Kingdom Events, Kingdom of Al Suroor Arabia, Saudi Time-Share, Kingdom Fisheries Ltd., The Arab Common Market Ltd., Kingdom Ports and Arab Voice. the business progressively grew in the field of Electro Mechanical projects, (EPC)-Engineering, Procurement, Constructions, Electromechanical, Steel Fabrication, Instrumentation, Global Product outsourcing, Industrial Services, Investment and Real Estate Development with government, semi-government and private industrial sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia & Gulf Cooperation Council.

It’s four major departments; Industrial Products Department, Electrical Products Department and Building Materials & Design Services Department and Services Department are the major players in the local and international market. These are the houses of the international companies from different continents like Europe, Asia and Australia such as Smart Cool, OKS Specialty Products and Nobel Stone products to name a few which the group represents as exclusive distributor in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Gulf regions. The services department caters construction and industrial infrastructure projects in civil, electromechanical, steel fabrication, instrumentation engineering construction, contract division and technical manpower supply. Its business collaboration in Sabic and Saudi Aramco as major global contractor is also part of its achievements.

Al Suroor United Group will continue its determination to be in service to business partners and valued clients until the next generation. Its commitment and trust to be one of the leading industries in the Kingdom through its mission be the first choice partner in all industrial projects and operations, providing quality services with first hand resources and trainings will be its lifetime responsibilities.

The group is welcoming international companies whether in exclusive agent, representation, manufacturing and joint venture in pursuit of excellence.