Commercial Division

Instrumentation And Process Control


Electrical & Instrumentation Division provides optimum supply and services of Electrical and Instrumentation for diverse application of process and industry. Electrical & Instrumentation Division delivers wide range of products such as;

Transformers for Static
  • Low Voltage
  • Medium Voltage
  • High Voltage
Solar Power Systems
  • Solar Panels
  • Solar Generators
  • Solar Lamp for Street and Garden Application
Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG)
  • extract water (Potable Water) from ambient humid Air
Wires and Cables
  • Low Voltage Power Cables
  • Medium Voltage Power Cables
  • Telecommunication Cables
  • Special Purpose Cables
  • Rods and Conductors
  • UTP Cables
  • Instrumentation Cables
Electrical Products (Architectural Type)
  • Switches
  • Sockets
  • LED Lightings
  • Flow Meters (Mechanical, Ultrasonic, Electromagnetic, Thermal Mass, Coriolis)
  • Level Gauges (Magnetic, Reflex, Transparent, Bi-Color,Tubular)
  • PLC
  • DCS
  • RTU

Power Quality Analysis and Mitigation

Conducts extensive and comprehensive power quality surveys to fully assess the quality of power generating inside the plants and facilities to identify the types of occurring power quality distortions and provides solution to mitigate the problems.

Automation and Process Controls

Provides supply and technical installation and configuration of Scada, Human Machine Interface, including communication systems and infrastructure and loop design with reference to the client’s customized application for their operation.