Our Business

Facility Management

Offers the following to public and private customers :

Building Maintenance & Operation, Refinery, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Maintenance & Shutdown.

“We understand that commitment and trust is the keystone of our long and valued relations with our partners. We fulfill our responsibilities by providing high quality result and services. A long-term cooperation with the client means big success to our team. Thats why we have the two biggest companies as our valued partners (SABIC & ARAMCO).”

Support Services of Professional Engineers, Technicians, Skilled & Non-skilled Labors.


“We outsource our dedicated employees to the requesting companies in need of professional manpower in Industrial Development.”

Administrative and Management Support.

“We also outsource professional administrative staff for admin operations and maintenance.”


  • Technical Operation, Comprehensive Planning and Cost Effective Maintenance.
  • Total Quality Services and Facility Management.
  • System Efficiency Improvement
  • Health, Safety and Environmental Responsiveness.
  • Reliability Centered Maintenance and Services.
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