The Millionaire

Founded in 2019, The Millionaire is a Member of Al Suroor United Group Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is exclusively designed to meet the demands of those from the top echelons of business, finance, government. Membership to The Millionaire is strictly by invitation only and members comprise of senior individuals and corporate leaders of the region and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Millionaire’s members will enjoy a discount to Airplanes, Hotels, Corporate Buildings, Business Conference, Exhibitions and Events and access to seminars held all around the world brought to you by a variety of a millionaire and billionaires in the future.

Other Benefits of The Millionaire include:
  • Free access toConference Rooms with no rental fees
  • Unrivalled networking opportunities
  • Use of the Millionaire’s general and private venues
  • Prime location, privacy & security
  • Complimentary valet parking
  • Ultimate entertaining venue with five-star amenities
  • Highly skilled employees & management team
  • Valuable networking opportunities through the Millionaire’s events, sponsorship and branding
  • Limousine Service
  • Free access to a full range of Support Services
  • Free Customized Property Tours
  • Chance to win a Million for all the members and be a Millionaire.
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